SharkHack Spring 2023

April 1, 2023 | Simmons University, Boston

Our hackathon provides women and nonbinary students the opportunity to collaborate and create innovative mobile apps, games, hardware hacks, and more!

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What is SharkHack?

SharkHack is Simmons University’s annual hackathon, which aims to create an inclusive environment for women and nonbinary students to code, design, and develop projects.

This is the first Simmons Hackathon to happen since 2019! Because of this, we especially encourage students to work on impactful projects by introducing prize categories. Participants won prizes for Community, Self-Care, Video Game Concept, Design Concept, Data Challenge, UI/UX, Graduate Hack, and Best Failed Hack.

We welcome undergraduate and graduate students of all experience levels and backgrounds to join us this Spring for a weekend of fun, food, and friendly competition!




How can we stay connected in this digital landscape? Now’s your chance to design a project revolving around your community.

First-Time Hack

This category is for a team with at least two first-time hackathon attendees that make the most creative and innovative project.

Video Game Concept

Here’s your chance to conceptualize your own video game and start developing it!

Data Challenge

Analyze and display data in a way that improves understanding using a dataset you and your team have not used before.


Create a hack that emphasizes the user experience as well as a well-developed user interface.

Graduate Hack

This category is open to teams with graduate students on them.

Best Failed Hack

The most creative hack that was attempted but not completed!


Chelsea Hua
Liz Campuzano
Johana Guillen
Sponsor Outreach
Amelia Fordyce
Workshop Designer
Alex Cana
Web Developer/Sponsor Outreach
Katjana Gora
Web Developer
Maame Andoh
Mentor/Judge Outreach
Nysa Singh
Web Developer
Kiki Regan
Workshop Designer




Questions or Concerns?

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A hackathon is a place of collaboration and innovation. In this 12 hour event, create a great hack to compete to win some awesome prizes, make new connections and gain valuable experience.
We invite all 18+, students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program to attend. The goal of this hackathon is to create a safe space for individuals who identify as women and nonbinary since they are frequently underrepresented in computer science. With that in mind, feel free to register regardless of your gender.
Yes! Although there may be teams who want to work on more advanced projects, we’ll make sure you end up on a team that’s well-suited to your level of technical expertise. Part of what makes hackathons so fun is the opportunity to learn!
Absolutely! We anticipate having several prize categories.
Yes! Teams will have the opportunity to demo their projects live in front of judges. However, we do recommend recording a video demo as a backup.
Yes! We encourage students to form teams based on project interest. We will also offer a registration option for students who would prefer to be placed on a team. These teams will be designed by the Simmons SharkHack organizers.
Teams must consist of 1-4 members.