Fall Career Fair and Mini-Hack

October 9th 2020 | Virtual

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What is our Career Fair and Mini-Hack?

Sharkhack's Fall Career Fair and Mini-hack is Simmons Univerity's first ever tech-focused career fair and afternoon hackathon. This event aims to connect women and nonbinary students with companies and create a fun and welcoming virtual environment to code, design, and develop projects.

Much like our traditional hackathon we encourage students to work on impactful projects by introducing prize categories. Participants have previously won prizes for Best Social Good Hack, Best Environmental Hack, Best Machine Learning Hack, and Best UI/UX Design.

We welcome undergraduate students of all experience levels and backgrounds to join us this October for an afternoon of networking and an evening of fun and friendly competition!



Create a hack that enhances students' learning experience or teaches a new skill.

COVID-19 Data Challenge - Sponsored by BroadStreet

Create a hack that best illustrates how COVID-19 affected different parts of the United States in 2020.

Social Good

Create a hack that tackles current social issues.


Create a hack that tells the best story.


Create a hack that emphasizes the user experience as well as a well-developed user interface.

Best Failed Hack

The most creative hack that was attempted but not completed!